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I Review

My reading has always been limited to planning, business, leadership, biographies. Then my daughter, Nana, introduced me to fiction. After reading So Long a letter by Mariama Ba, I instantly decided to be a more “discerning reader”. For leisure, I now only read books authored by African women. My singular intention is to discover, promote and support African woman writers. I consciously give them an audience because few of us consciously do. I will be sharing my reading list as I go along.

Guest Reviewer: Nana Ntsaluba

Nokukhanya Nana Ntsaluba is a dynamic young African woman to watch. She recently completed her MA in African studies from Birmingham University, and is currently enrolled for her LLM at SOAS, London University.
Nana fulfilled various leadership roles in high school. During her university years she spends her spare time acquiring work experience in various fields. Her sense of service has seen her involved in various community outreach projects since she was a teenager.
Nana is a compulsive reader and traveler, both of which she says have expanded her world view and her appreciation of diverse cultures.

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