As I See It

As I See It

Layering an eye of an aspirant photographer over my mature development planner’s eye has given me new lenses through which to view the “happenings” around me. During my spare time I capture some of these images.

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‘Unconventional’ Motorbikes

After a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam I have concluded that what is possible and what is impossible, is simply a reflection of one’s state of mind.

Now I know for sure that motorbikes are more than a means of transporting one or two people. They are modern day chariots pulling plush carriages. They are nifty furniture removal vans. They can perform a critical logistics function and therefore be a serious backbone of the economy.

Spotting ‘unconventional’ motorbike loads in the streets of Phnom Pehn and Hanoi is a fascinating sport and it is sure to bowl you over.